Saturday, April 18, 2009

Teacher's Pet

She curled up on his large over sized couch, picked up her iphone and sighed. He was a little late but he’d texted over an hour ago to let her know. After a hard day at work she needed to relax so she flicked through his vast DVD collection and ended up finding one of the movies he’d starred in.

Cry Wolf.

He’d talked about it before but she couldn’t really remember what it was about so she decided to watch it to kill some time.

There was truly nothing better than that little buzz you got when you saw your boyfriend on screen, knowing he was all yours. It was lame, but she couldn’t help it. It was one thing to see him in concert but on TV but it was a whole different experience to see him in a role, acting a part.

She had flashbacks to the first time she’d seen The Leading Man and it still made her toes curl how delicious and devious he was in that movie. And the sex she’d had with him after seeing that movie, just as toe-curling.

He got laid that night, that was for fucking sure. She chuckled to herself as she propped a cushion under her head. This one was a little different. OK, so he didn’t have the whole Robin Granger thing going on in this movie, the teacher vest, tie and glasses provoked a different type of pleasure.

A naughty one.

She gasped when it appeared that ‘Mr Richard Walker’ was in fact sleeping with his student. God she should have been repulsed by this. But why in the holy hell, was there something tingling between her thighs.

This is so wrong on so many levels.

But so right.

Her little smirk grew as her mind wondered off in so many directions.

“Anyone would think you were watching something dirty,” she snapped her head up and her eyes met two very familiar blue ones.

“Well…no… not exactly…” she raised her brow as he came forward and glanced sideways at the TV.

“This? This is what you’re watching?” he asked amused as he slipped beside her on the couch.

She groaned, he smelt like a cocktail of rain and cologne and his honey blond hair slicked down the side of his face making her eyes follow his jaw line all the way to his mouth.

That one mouth, that could damage beyond weapons.

That mouth that made her orgasm again… and again... and again.

She let her head fall back as his nose buzzed down the long line of her neck. He always did it, every time he ‘d greet her. He’d nuzzle her neck. And then the kiss.

His eyes locked on hers and then her lips before he leaned in and parted hers with his tongue. She fell into his gravity, like she did, every time.

He pulled away leaving the thread of warmth dangling between them, “So you have a thing for teachers huh?”

She smiled into the sweet kiss she gave him. “Only ones in woolen vests and with cute glasses.”

He dragged her in closer, her cheek pressed against the Grey ribbed thermal that always fitted him oh so well. Her fingers walked up under the hem and her nails scratched through the soft hair on his belly until he growled.

“You know how that always ends baby…” his voice came deep from his throat against her ear.

Her fingers inched higher under the thermal until she found his tight nipple buried in the warm fuzz. Giving it a light flick with her index finger, she looked up.

“Maybe I want it to.”

His eyebrow cocked and that delicious smirk reached his eyes, the one she knew all too well.

He was about to respond but her phone beeped. “Damn it!”She could see her work’s number flashing on screen and knew she had to take it. She snatched it off the table pulling herself from his grasp, pointing at him with her phone as she walked back she grinned. “Don’t go anywhere... this is not over.”

Christ, of all times they had to ring. Her thighs were already watering and her heart hammering at the very thought of what was about to happen. It always did with Jon. She locked herself his study and worked through the call. Twenty minutes later she pressed the end button and sighed. Thank fuck for that.

Worst thing was, her erection was long gone.

She walked back into the living area but it was deserted. Great, he gave up on me and now is probably glued to his damn laptop for the rest of the night. He worked hard and she loved his dedication but between their schedules, alone time proved difficult at times.

Double erection deflation.

She was about to give up and at least go and make him a coffee, he did have the best coffee machine in the state of course. And as well as him, it was her guilty pleasure. When she turned to head out but something in the living room caught her eye. A small wooden desk, set with a chair was facing a blackboard set up on an easel.

That’s weird, must be one of the kid’s.

“Jon?” she called carefully looking around. Why did he have it out when the kids weren’t due here until Saturday?

She jumped when the door slammed hard behind her.

“That’s Mr Walker to you Miss Jameson.” She blinked and then blinked harder, what in good Christ? There he was dressed, no he couldn’t be? She was imagining it. Maybe his coffee was laced? He looked like he’d walked fresh out of the TV.

The neat woollen vest sat snug over the crisp blue shirt with a tie knotted at his neck. What was just as destroying was he had the glasses, the same fucking glasses as the movie and he had parted his hair the same.

Her heart drummed erratically in her chest. “You still have the same outfit?”
He raised an eyebrow and the corner of his mouth quirked.

“Ms Jameson, would you please take your seat. My lesson is about to begin.”

“Jon, please what kind of –“

But he spun around, this time with a long wooden ruler in his hand.

“Ms Jameson, I have told you that you are to address me as Mr Walker. What part of that, do you not understand?” He stood now in front of her, and his average 5’9 frame now towering over her with a shadow of anticipation.

“Ok ok, sorry sir…” she slid into the small desk and chair ensemble and clasped her hands together, waiting.

“I didn’t bring you an apple, Mr Walker.” She grinned as she crossed her legs slowly under the table.

She jumped when his ruler slapped hard against the battered wood of the desk, just inches from her fingers.

“You’re smart mouth is really going to get you into trouble young lady.” He snatched the ruled back and tucked it under his arm. She could tell he wanted to do more but he restrained turning around and facing the blackboard. He dragged it on the side and started scrawling his thick stub of chalk across it with the occasional screech when it didn’t quite hit the surface properly.

What the hell was he planning on doing? Let’s face it; sex with Jon could be spontaneous as hell. Especially when he was in control. Anything could happen.

Finally he stopped and turned the blackboard back around.

Her eyes followed him as he shifted and moved around behind her.

“Eyes to the board,” he instructed.

What in the god damn hell?

She focused on the board, and the heat rose in her cheeks again.

“Now, read me the first sentence aloud Miss Jameson.” He’d crouched behind her chair; she could feel his breath on her neck as he spoke.

She swallowed and read aloud the first sentence he’d scrawled.

“How does it feel when my cock is inside you?”

The hoarse whisper against her ear startled her. “Well how does it feel Ms Jameson?”

She closed her eyes and licked her lips. This was insanely delicious, and her legs were already trembling beneath the desk.

“Well J-, I mean Mr Walker…” she corrected herself flattening her palms out on the desk.

“Maybe we could conduct an experiment so I am reminded of how it feels. Get a more correct analysis of the situation?” she asked with a little smirk.

A dark chuckle vibrated against her neck. “You’d like that wouldn’t you. Tell me, how does it feel?”

Her breath hitched when she felt his knuckle run up the inside of her leg. “It feels like nothing else, it feels amazing…completing…” she stuttered as he lingered at the bottom of her inner thigh.

“Read the next line please.”

She tried to focus on the board again, her eyes watering like her thighs as she continued.

“Describe to the class, what you enjoy me doing to you.”

She gulped. Was he serious? “Uh---everything?” she squeaked as his knuckle still rested on the crease where it met her knee.

“In detail Ms Jameson,” he growled. “I want to know everything that you like, a good teacher likes to make his classes’ enjoyable, right?” he hissed into her ear and she wanted to die.

Her nails dug into the wood as she spoke. “Well, I like your hands…the way you can touch me just once in the right place and I need the rest of you, right then and now.”

His other hand moved and the tips of his knuckles scraped over the soft curve of her breast nicking the nipple. “Like that you mean?”

Yes, like that.

“And, your tongue…” the lump again forming in her throat.

She closed her eyes as she felt it, trace down her jawbone. “What about my tongue?” he asked his wet hot lips just millimeters from hers.

“Not on my face,” Christ the image of his head between her thighs was enough, how many nights had she caught that dark hungry gaze looking up at her from down there as he worked on her?

“You, are a very naughty girl Ms you think teacher should punish you?

“Yes,” she whispered without hesitation.

“Alright, anything else you like?”

She regained her composure and straightened in the wooden chair. “You always make me cum more than once…” and god she wanted him to make her cum right now.

She heard the sound of his tongue licking his lips and curled her toes inside her sandals.

“Alright Ms Jameson, now I need you to work your punishment, and then. Just then might you get what you want.” He stood and swiveled the chair to face him.

Her nipples were burning against the cotton and her panties were starting to soak, she just hoped that his punishment would relieve one of those things.

“You’re punishment is Ms Jameson, is fifty strokes.” He twisted his belt and looped it through his buckle letting it clunk to the floor.

“Using only your mouth.”

Holy fuck. She moved forward and fell to her knees in front of him. He tugged down his pants letting his cock fall into her waiting hot little hands.

One, two, three…

She sucked hard, and moved up and down his length keeping the rhythm even and in time with his pants.

Twenty, Twenty-One, Twenty-Two…

His hands fisted through her hair, his groans filling the room as he urged her on.

Thirty One, Thirty-Two, Thirty-Three…

She cupped one of his balls, rolling it between her thumb and fingers as he leaned forward, slapping his hands out on the desk in support. “Fuck,” he muttered as she kept going.


She took him deeper, the tip of his cock hitting the back of her throat as she brought him to orgasm. His throat-deep moans and the way he groaned her name over and over was killing her. She wanted that inside of her, and she wanted it now.

“Oh god, oh yes – baby I’m going –“


She stopped, just as his hips rolled forward leaving him dangling on the edge.

“That’s fifty –SIR.” She looked up at him, the sweat pouring down his temples and the blond hair spattered around the edges of his face.

His eyes flattened as he yanked her up and lifted her onto the desk.

“Perfect timing, don’t’ you think?” he dragged his hand into her hair pulling her mouth onto his making her share his flavor with him. There was nothing sweet about the kiss, as their mouths mashed and their tongues wrestled. His hand slid under her shirt and in one quick rip he’d busted it wide open. His glasses were lopsided from being in the path of desperate kissing so she snatched them off and threw them aside, letting them skitter across the floor.

She wound her legs around his waist, feeling his naked cock press against the seam of her jeans as she slid forward running herself against him. They groaned in unison as clothes now became inconvenient. He dropped to his knees and tugged her boots and jeans off, expecting him to come back up, he stayed there... his nose buzzing along the inside of her thigh.


And there is was that look as his eyes met hers. Heated Lust and something darker glimmered in his eyes.

“Oh god, “she whimpered as she leaned back on the desk resting on her palms and parted her legs wider for him.

“Recite the alphabet Ms Jameson.” He commanded. “And if you stop, I will stop.” His lips quirked up in that one grin… yeah you know the one.

“Oh god…” she groaned as she began.


His tongue flashed out and took a long hard lick up the centre of her slit, lapping up the pre-cum which was already dripping from her.


He toyed with her tight knot, throwing her head back as she screamed into the room.
And he pulled away…

“No, god please... don’t stop.” She panted, her own sweat starting to bead down her cheeks. Her nails were going to do some seriously graffiti to this desk by the end of this.

“The rules Ms Jameson.” He simply said, with one hand on each of her thighs letting his thumbs draw lazy circles against her skin.

"K…L…M…” she forced out as he continued, pushing her clit from side to side.

Her body began to burn, with that feeling.

“Oh yes, right there… god right there…” she grabbed his hair and forced him into her further but he stopped.

She tossed her head back, “fuck the rules… please Jon… fuck me…please…” she begged. Tears were fresh in her eyes, and she needed release.

She needed it now, more than anything in the whole wide world.

“Cussing is not permitted in my classroom…” he stood and adjusted his tie.

She snatched it and tugged him closer wrapped her legs over his hips. Her lips rested against his as she whispered.

“If you don’t fuck me right now Mr Walker, I’m going to report YOU to the principal and tell him what a dirty old man you are fucking around with your students. You want that?”

Her eyes fell to his neck as she watched him swallow.

“Now, when I tell you to fuck me… I mean it.”

His eyes flared with blue fire as he scooped her up knocking the desk to the ground and jamming her against the wall.

“Never speak to your teacher like that Ms Jameson, do you hear me?” he pulled at the black lace he’d left gaping under her shirt and popped one tight nipple into his mouth drawing on it hard. She slammed her head back against the wall as he grazed his teeth over her tip.

“Jesus – FUCK!” She lifted her leg higher around over his waist, all the force in the world couldn’t separate his body from hers. His fingers tangled desperately with her panties tugging them down as he changed to the other breast. Her sobs grew louder into the room, anyone would think he was killing her the way her screams pierced the room.

Her nails dug hard into his shoulders through the woollen blend vest as he roughly entered her. There was nothing sweet or gentle about this moment as he took her, her back pounding against the wall each time he rolled his hips.

“Please --- god – oh please…” his mouth found hers after a hungry, desperate search back up her neck. Her breasts pressed against his vest, the rough wool teasing her nipples in time with each thrust.

He grunted and his short nails dug into her ass as he let go spilling deep inside her. Her screams and desperate urges kept him going until she felt herself clench around him, turning to jelly in his arms. She buried her face into the wool as he didn’t stop, determined to give her the best education that money could not buy.

Finally the exploding stars stopped from her eyes as she slumped into him, with them both sinking to the ground in a disheveled heap of sweat, skin and sex.

She struggled to catch her breath, lifting her head to meet his. This time the kiss was sweet, healing the sexual hurt their bodies had been through.

“So….” She swept back what was left of the part in his hair.

“Do I get an A?”